Nicole Ray punishes boyfriend by making him wear drag and pegging his ass

Kick Ass Chicks 94: Pegged

Some people think being a cheerleader is easy. They don’t realize the amount of work and dedication that goes into it. Not only does a cheerleader have to look immaculate, she also has to move gracefully, performing demanding feats of flexibility in perfect synchronization.

Nicole was hard at work on her routines when her boyfriend came over to visit. It wasn’t long before Billy was snickering, thinking it was hilarious that Nicole thought of herself as an athlete. Fed up with his attitude, Nicole dared him to try and do what she did. Thinking it would be good for a laugh Billy accepted, and Nicole dressed him up with one of her old outfits.

Billy felt a bit silly as Nicole put on her skirt and top on him but went along with it. When Nicole insisted he also put on make-up he tried to complain but she would not budge. Nicole finished feminizing Billy and he did a half-hearted attempt at a cheer, but this only made Nicole angry.

If Billy was gonna act like a bitch, Nicole would treat him like one. The maddened blonde fetched a wig for Billy to wear and a strap on for herself to peg him with. Soon Billy had his legs over his shoulders as Nicole pounded his ass with a satisfied smile on her face. - Femdom TGP
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