Lyla Storm pegs her tiny dicked teacher and makes him suck cock

Schoolgirl Lyla Storm had a huge crush on teacher Jimmy Bullet. When she got the chance to be alone with him Lyla made her move, finding that Jimmy was eager to get into her panties. But Lyla’s dreams were crushed when she discovered that Jimmy had a tiny cock, a puny thing that could never satisfy her. That’s when teaching assistant Wolf Hudson came in, and his big dick was perfect for Lyla, much to Jimmy’s chagrin.

Not content with humiliating Jimmy by sucking off his assistant in front of him, Lyla orders Jimmy to blow Wolf. The teacher tries to talk her out of it but she will not accept no for an answer, and drives Jimmy’s head down to work. While poor Jimmy’s mouth is filled with cock Lyla puts on a strapon and pegs her teacher, spit-roasting him in his own office.

Lyla continues to have fun with the cuckold, putting Jimmy’s undersized dick in a crushing vise and making him watch while she fucks Wolf. If Jimmy gets excited the vise keeps him in check, and Lyla tests his endurance by making Jimmmy put his face under her while she gets fucked doggy-style. Wolf shoots his load over the vise and Lyla scoops it up and lathers it over Jimmy’s face, a final degradation that will earn her top marks in a cuckolding academy. - Femdom TGP
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